iWatch concept, Apple Smart Watches

iWatch concept, Apple Smart Watches

Apple reportedly is developing a smart wristwatch called iWatch. The ability of these watches will be something like the smartphone.

Indeed, there has been no official confirmation from Apple about the existence iWatch. However, internal sources of media Wall Street Journal claimed Apple was testing the official launch of iWatch and it seems a matter of time.

As with any form of iWatch? Designers on Design Things Just try to make the concept could be a picture of what will iWatch. See below.

1. Being Modern Curved Screen

Being smart watches in Apple iWatch concept is quite interesting. The screen measuring 2.5 inch length with curved glass.

According to sources at the headquarters of 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, quoted Wall Street Journal, Apple is working on a wristwatch made of curved glass like this.

“With the technology you definitely can bend around the object and can be enabled in one’s wrist,” said Pete Bocko, Chief Technology Officer of Corning Glass Technologies who helped develop the technology curved glass.

2. Body Details iWatch

In this concept, the body iWatch is described in sufficient detail. The screen measuring 2.5 inch IPS technology (In Panel Switching) with a 16:9 screen ratio.

Shaped something like the iPhone. However, the smaller size and curved glass screen made to fit worn on the wrist users.

There is a slot to insert a SIM card on one side of the body. And also there is a button to turn off and turn on the device.

3. Similar features to the Smartphone

Features contained in this iWatch something like the smartphone. Even got a 4G cellular connectivity LTE (Long Term Evolution).

Provided also features Face Time for video calls via the front camera. Also there Siri voice command feature as found on the iPhone.

For navigation, there is provided a map of Apple Maps. In short, the iWatch is able to replace the iPhone even more limited functionality and size.

4. Can be connected with iPhone

Through features Bluetooth 4.0, iWatch can be connected to your iPhone or iPad. It could then receive the information sent in the iPhone.

iWatch is reportedly also adopt the iOS operating system. It is not possible in the future, this device will actually replace the iPhone completely.

“Although we are not sure when to launch, probably in 2014 or later, we believe that Apple will eventually introduce some type of computer products that can be used,” said MunsterGene Munster, analyst with Piper Jaffray tech market.


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