Samsung Prepare Galaxy S5 in Upcoming 2014 with Aluminum Body?

Samsung is a market leader Android gadget, and every year is always issued flagship products are sold in the market. This success is likely to continue next year with planning Galaxy S5 series, which according to the latest rumors would have a different design and concept of the Galaxy S earlier generation.

According to anonymous sources close to Samsung and trustworthy, the successor to the Galaxy S4 will use aluminum body. The move is intended to compete with some other flagship gadgets like HTC and Sony Xperia Z who has appeared in 2013′s.

According to the source, the Galaxy S5 will be the first Samsung handset that uses a new design idea called ‘Design 3.0′. Direction of the new design is believed to be still able to deal with the huge market demand increasingly high quality gadget design. The use of metal body also makes the Galaxy S5 unibodi design with a battery that is not removable. This could lead to slower production process and could make the gadget scarcity in the market later.

The Samsung some time ago has also been said that they themselves were surprised by the continued rise in demand for their flagship phone Galaxy. According to Samsung, the chassis that is used today has been able to meet the requirements and can be produced in the millions in a short time.

Momentum changes the design had previously been expected by analysts. According to them, the Galaxy S4 will be Samsung’s latest flagship ‘under the shadow of Apple’. Analysts assess that it is time Samsung uses a new design for the increasingly fierce competition in the smartphone market today.

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