Skype Develop 3D Video Call

Skype Develop 3D Video Call

Skype has developed a project in the form of voice dialing call with the appearance of three-dimensional (3D). Like a sci-fi movie in Hollywood, people talk as if there in front of us.

“We have completed a project that enables video calls on the call display of three-dimensional (3D),” said Microsoft Corporate Vice President for Skype Mark Gillett, the BBC and quoted on Thursday (29/08/2013).

“We are doing this because we saw today many people have bought a TV or computer monitor that supports three-dimensional format,” he added.

He also added that the technology continues to be developed especially camera technology that directly connects to the workings of the three dimensions has not been too much and ready.

“Currently we are still piloting this technology by adding a computer to get the camera in the desired position,” he said.

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