10 Secrets Tricks of the iPhone and iPad

You own an iPhone or iPad? Chances are your favorite devices still save a lot of useful functions you did not know. Here are 10 tips and tricks to maximize your iPhone and iPad. The gadget may already know about this, but for others, this might be very useful.

Here is 10 Secrets Tricks of the iPhone and iPad
1. Instant Access to Apps

IPhone Notifications can occur even when the phone is locked. No need to unlock it first to open the application. Stay swipe from left to right in the notification, and the app will open. If you use a password, you must enter it after melakuan swipe.

2. Tap to Scroll Up

No need to bother to scroll to the top when you reach the end of a page. Tap the status bar once, and the screen will instantly show the top of the page. The status bar at the top end of the screen the iPhone and iPad, the display clock and battery icon. This function can be applied to the browser, email, Contacts, and many other applications.

3. Split Keyboard

You could split the board into two tik iPad, so you can hold the iPad with both hands and typing with both thumbs. Place both thumbs in the middle of the board typewriters and slide to the edge. Or just tap and hold the keyboard icon in the lower right corner, and select Split. There are also options that allow you to shift Undock board tick up or down.

4. App Moving Quickly

To switch from one app to another app, no need to stop at the home screen. Double tap the Home button below the screen, and a tray contains the application icon will appear. You just do the swipe to see the app’s options. On the iPad, you can also bring up the apps tray to put four fingers on the screen and swipe upwards simultaneously.

5. Screenshot

To take a screenshot, simply press the Home button and the On / Off button is in the upper right at the same fringe. You take a screenshot will be stored in the Camera Roll, and can be sent via electronic mail or social media such as photos.

6. Swipe to Search

A quick way to search for apps on the iPhone and iPad is swipe left to right on the home screen. A search box will open, and you just type the name of the application to directly open it. Search this also applies to the contact list, email, text, calendar, and many other things.

7. Easier Reading Internet Site

Difficult reading for a site on the small iPhone screen? Tap the Reader button in the URL bar, at the top of the internet page. You will see a text version that is easier to read from the site. Function that is also true for the iPad will not even show ads. But not all sites support this function.

8. The camera button on the iPhone

Button + volume up or on the iPhone can function as a camera shutter button when the application is open. These physical buttons feel more confident to take photos. If you ask someone else to take your picture, do not forget that the Camera application can be opened directly from the lock position. Tap the camera icon in the lower right corner of the home screen, then slide up. Camera will open, while all the other functions of the iPhone as well as all the photos and videos taken before-remain locked.

9. iPad as Digital Photo Frame

With just one button, the iPad can function as a digital photo frame. Simply touch the Picture Frame icon, which is on the right slide-to-unlock bar. Set the photos that appear in the slide show via Settings, then select Picture Frame.

10. Mute / Screen Lock on iPad

You often need a mute function on the iPad? Screen lock button on the right side of the iPad, which lock the screen in portrait or landscape position, can be converted into a mute button. Set the button’s functionality via Settings, select General, then Use side switch to: Lock Rotation or Mute.

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