Windows Blue Reported’ll Keep Using Metro Interface

If you do not like the style of Metro on Windows 8, we may have less good news for you. Due to significant changes in total in this interface may not be much change in Windows 9. Yes, that Windows 8 was just released a couple of months, but it did not dismiss the emergence of rumors about Windows 9. Based on one of the posts in the forums Taiwan, Windows 9 will have Windows codenamed Blue, and will continue to use the Metro interface.

The user who posted the information, said that he was tested an alpha version of Windows Blue. Though still use Metro but still there are some customization changes, one tile that can be resized.

Microsoft took a pretty risky decision to change the look of the Metro interface in Windows 8, even if not a bit like it, but there are some users who do not like the interface. All the rumors are there about Windows 9 could be completely wrong because we believe release is still a long time so it could have been the end result is different from what has been rumored.


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  1. abdo says:

    i realy dont know if wndows blue will bring some thing new or not..but i hope it can be better then windows 8 i just found some thing about it in this site maybe u wil like to see it :

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